Monday, September 3, 2012

What's going on?

I realized I put my full name on this page and I've been doing a lot of thinking about this. It's not that I write anything I'm ashamed about. It's just that there are some weirdies out there. There are also people who like to use the internet to find info on other people.

I'm fully aware that if someone wants to find information on us, they can easily get it. Well, I don't want this blog to be a source of information to use against me or my husband or our family and friends. I want to make it just a bit harder for any evil people.

I'm in the process of retiring Joslin as Mrs. Williams and launching a new blog. I'm starting from the very beginning and rewriting every post to reflect one of our nicknames. I'm also changing all our family's names to nicknames and all our friends' names to just first names (unless they have a unique name, then I'll use a nickname). 

I've written a LOT of posts, so it'll be about a week before the transition is complete. I've made it through our wedding and time at Elmendorf AFB almost until PCS-ing to Italy. Please bear with me and I hope you all come along to the new blog.

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